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Any frequently asked questions and enquiries are displayed below:


How do I apply for a house?

Through the Tenancy Application tab on the home screen.


Do I have to fill a house or can I just rent 1 room?

If you are by yourself we can find a room in a house for you. You will not be penalised for any empty room within your house.


How long is the contract?

The contract is between 46- 50 weeks


Can I take a look at the contract before viewing a property?

Yes. View an example House Contract


How is rent paid and on what dates?

The first 4 weeks rent is due prior to move in and the remaining rent is split between the three academic terms to coincide with student loan payment dates. Rent is paid by standing order.


Is it possible to re-book my accommodation for my second/third year?

That's not a problem; many of our tenants chose to stay with us. Tenants will have first refusal to keep their rooms for the next year.


What happens if I have any maintenance issues?

We have a maintenance team to deal with any issues that may arise so that you are free not to worry about cold showers, no heating and enjoy a worry free student life!

We have an onsite maintenance team at, ready to deal with any issues that may arise. We will endeavour to put right any problems within 24 hours of the time reported.

Contact Michael Vout : 07554 458461


Do I need to pay a bond?

Yes a £150.00 dilapidations bond is required two weeks before your tenancy start date. This will be refunded at the end of your tenancy if none of the terms below are broken:

  • Owe any rent under the terms of your Assured Shorthold Tenancy
  • Fail to return all keys or fail to return them at the end of your tenancy
  • Are responsible for damages to the property
  • Have not cleaned the accommodation adequately
  • Have left rubbish which will need to be removed

Are there any other charges that I will incur?

An administration fee of £25 will be needed before you sign your tenancy. This will cover the costs of a guarantor check and Tenancy Agreement.


Check out procedure

Towards the end of your contract you will need to book a check out appointment so we can ensure there are no damages in your room and so you can return your keys to us. The communal areas will be checked when the last person leaves your apartment/house at the end of your tenancy. Contact us on 01642 260660 or to arrange this.

Your bond is held by the Deposit Protection Service and providing your apartment/house is in a good and clean condition, and can be reclaimed at the end of your tenancy. You should have received a deposit ID at the beginning of your tenancy but you can contact them at or 0844 4727 000 if you have any problems or need more information.


Check in procedure

If you haven't already done so please can you return your signed contract, guarantor and standing order forms to us. Your bond and first four weeks rent are due on or before the 31st August. Please note that if all paperwork, bond and first four weeks rent are not received by this time, we will be unable to supply your keys.

When you have decided what date you would like to move in then please contact us on 01642 260660 or to arrange a check in appointment.